Upsc Preparation Strategy

Upsc Preparation Strategy

Upsc Preparation Strategy

To do perfect preparation, you should go through and solve the previous years’ question papers.

It helps in crucial the kind of questions, and also helps in characteristic the most effective supply of reading material.

An analysis of previous years’ papers helps in understanding the information from a higher perspective and helps establish the areas from which a lot of questions are asked.

Ignore all unimportant (read politics, crime, local news, entertainment, sports) topics.

Do not read the newspaper from first page to last page
Concentrate on the main issues.
For example, from the GS papers of CSE 2016, there were so many direct and indirect questions from current affairs Books to be read:

  1. Polity- Laxmikant (more imp for pre), Vajiram notes
  2. Modern Histroy – Spectrum (imp for both pre+mains), NCERT (not necessary to read it), Vajiram notes
  3. Ancient History and culture – NCERT, Vajiram Notes, Mrunal Videos on Art and culture
  4. Medieval History- NCERT (although I did not studied it but now UPSC is asking more about medieval nowadays)
  5. Environment- Shankar IAS
  6. Economics – Class notes, 11,12th NCERT
  7. Geography- 11,12th NCERT , Class Notes
  8. World History- Vision IAS add on material, Class notes
  9. International relations- Newspaper, Vision current affairs
  10. Science and Tech- Newspaper, Vision Current affairs
  11. Security – Newspaper, Vision Current affairs
  12. Social Issues- Newspaper, Vision Current affairs
  13. Disaster management- Class notes, vision value added material, Vision Current affairs
  14. Ethics- Class notes
  15. Civil Engineering- No books only coaching material.

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