How do I buy land in India

How do I buy land in India

How do I buy land in India 

Firstly , Step 1 If you want to buy land first u Check The Lands Papers. Is Land is free Hold or under DDA

Secondly, The solicitor will do the due deligence by doing Such things Like:-

  1. title search from registration office

  2. Will issue a paper notice with the written concent of land owners.

  3. Will issue title certificate .

  4. Once everything is found in order enter in to agreement

  5. Pay the consideration as per terms of agreement and register the agreement.

  6. On full and final agreement take the Conveyance of the land by entering in to conveyamce deed.

  7. Transfer property card on your name.

  8. Compound the property

  9. Pay regular tax of the property.


Thirdly, The Main & Imported Things:-

Therefore, If you are going to purchase a plot from the resale market, there are Such chances that the plot may have been pledged to get a bank loan. When the loan is repaid, a release certificate is given by the bank confirming that all the dues have been cleared. Make sure you procure a copy of this before proceeding with the purchase.

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