Find an individual room or PG near Vajiram & Ravi

Find an individual room or PG near Vajiram & Ravi


As you all know Find an individual room or PG near Vajiram & Ravi and other coaching institute like Shri Ram, Khan Study Group etc are located in Old Rajinder Nagar

therefore it has been observed students prefer to stay near these institutes so that they can save time in travelling.

The following areas are popular among the students to stay around V&R (within 5–40 min of commuting time)

  • Old Rajinder Nagar
  • New Rajinder Nagar
  • Karol Bagh
  • Faiz Road Area
  • Ajmal Khan Road Area
  • New Rohtak Road Area
  • Shadipur
  • Patel Nagar
  • Jhandewalan


I have prepared a map for your convenience because I can empathize, how difficult it must be for an outsider to search an accommodation especially when many of us are not from very financially sound background to find an accommodation.


Find an individual room or PG near Vajiram & Ravi A brief description of each area :

Old Rajinder Nagar : Most expensive area to live in. Rentals would vary from 24,000 for a one BHK (minimum) to 30,000. Usually students live in groups and take 2BHK or 3BHK and share the rent. This area is nearest to the institute.

New Rajinder Nagar : Relatively less expensive than Old Rajinder Nagar. Rentals don’t drop sharply. But 5–15% decrease in monthly rental in the same segment. This area is accessible by walking from the institute. It generally takes 10–15 minutes in commuting.

Ajmal Khan Road/ Faiz Road : Cheaper in comparison to Old Rajinder Nagar. Rentals decrease by 10–30%. Accessible by walking. Generally takes 15–20 minutes in commuting.

Shadipur / Patel Nagar : Cheapest in comparison to rest all area. Rentals decrease by 20–50%. Accessible by bus and Metro. Generally takes 5–10 minutes in commuting.

New Rohtak Road : Again a cheap area to live in. Lot of hostels and PGs around. Rentals decrease by significant margin.

Jhandewalan Area : Not very decent accommodation and also little far from the institute. But still students live there to cut down cost.

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