Why IAS Aspirants Choose ORN & PATEL NAGAR to Live ?

Why IAS Aspirants Choose ORN & PATEL NAGAR to Live ?

Why IAS Aspirants Choose ORN & PATEL NAGAR to Live ?

“There is light at the end of the tunnel!!”

We completely understand your pain I know  old Rajendra Nagar, Karol Bagh  is quite expensive . as it is called as hub if civil service exam. but don’t worry you have alternative of everything in life.

  1. You can check in near by areas which is close to Rajendra Nagar.
  2. You can check in Patel Nagar which is hardly a km away from old Rajendra nagar.
  3. It’s is comparably very cheap then ORN.
  4. Accessible through metro
  5. You can also look for a flat in South Patel Nagar which is 5 min far away from ORN.
  6. It takes near about 5 min from Patel Nagar  metro to Karol bagh metro station.

I know this because many of my friends faced similar problem as you are facing. now they are having well settled flat in this area.so if you want you can look for it or Contact Sunny.

All the best

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